We recommend arriving approximately 10-15 minutes prior to class. Please remain in the Reception Area until you are called in to the kitchen. Once the classroom is ready, the instructors and/or assistants will welcome you into the kitchen

Yes! Every student gets a recipe sheets at the beginning of class so that they can follow along with the instructor in the Demonstration classes and in the Participation classes. You are welcome and encouraged to take these recipe Sheets home with you after class and try them.

Pictures are allowed and encouraged! Our instructors love it when you feel that a dish is camera worthy, so please click away!

If it is prior to 2days before the class starts, please call the school during business hours and we can help you obtain a school credit towards a future class or offer you a refund. We are unable to offer refunds or credits for a class registration that is canceled within 2 days of the class because our instructors have already purchased ingredients on your behalf. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send someone else in your place. Just notify the office

For your safety in the Participation kitchen, we require all shoes to be closed-toe with no or a very low heel. We also ask that all long hair be tied back prior to class. Other than that, we just ask that you dress comfortably. You will be provided with an apron to use.

If you registered together, every effort will be made to group your party together. In many classes, you may also be working in a group with additional people as well

No previous experience is required! We encourage you to ask questions if there is something you don’t understand. There are no bad questions and our instructors are here to help so that you can replicate a recipe on your own at home.

Generally, our classes are designed for adults. We offer many classes especially for kids and teens as well as some parent and child classes.

In our Participation classes, our goal is to teach you the proper cooking techniques for a wide variety of foods and cuisines. Upon arrival you will be given an apron and recipe sheet. The instructor will demonstrate how menu items should be prepared and then each team will use the provided ingredients to create the dish. You may eat some parts of the meal as you go along or all together once you’ve finished cooking. The instructor will be available throughout the class to answer questions and help you if needed.

It depends on the course.  Some courses are designed to build on skill from week to week and therefore require a commitment to the series.  We also understand that some students need to try out our class before committing, and we encourage this.  Best bet is to call and discuss!